Don Wagoner, former Johnson Avenue Surfer dies…We will miss Him

Below is the 3 years in Review video I shot and compiled of most of the Johnson Avenue Surfers.

Don Wagoner is at the 2:25 mark if you want to jump right to it.  It is a 7 or 8 shot sequence of still photos followed by a small small hand cam shot of his granddaughter Kamryn saying “Washule” (whatever the spelling is in karate kid 🙂 )

Rest in Peace brother Don <><

PS – We may have a paddle out for Don on Wednesday or Thursday this week.  If Wednesday continues to show an epic chest high and glassy day, it may be appropriate to have that paddle out around 11 or noon at the end of Johnson Avenue.  ALL WHO KNEW DON ARE INVITED!

If your phone loads too slow from the embeded video above, just click this YouTube link below.

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