Cape Canaveral Saturday nite update surf report (11/13/10)

November, 2009 at Perkins, a photographer friend of mine shot this of me in a sequence.
November, 2009 at Perkins, a photographer friend of mine shot this of me in a sequence.

Sorry, I had to do the long title for search engines.  I wasn’t gonna worry about it,  but my friends from out-of-town can find it now, or soon anyhow.

Okay,  Sunday morning;  As you could see by today,  that Cape Canaveral was almost totally blocked out by this NE swell.  It was 4 foot bigger on the face down by Satellite Beach.  We barely had chest high waves here, with an occasional head high drop.

Sunday morning at the pier, I revise now, to 3 to 4 foot overhead in the morning before 10,  maybe with bigger sets coming in.   The winds I believe will be NNW around 4 to 6 mph  by sometime after 3 Am, and should turn NW at first light at 3 to 4 mph until probably 9 Am.   Then they start going back NNW for a couple of hours and by noon, straight North.

At Johnson Ave,   I think we’ll see head high plus waves, with offshore winds at daybreak,  and I think we’ll have some decent shoulders to work with.   No A-frames,   but the close-outs today, we’re pretty easy to spot, and so you could wait for the shoulders.

If you head down south,  its looking NNW winds at best, so you’re looking at side shore winds with double overhead.

Should be around 56 degrees at first light,  and the water’s feels like 69 to 71,  so a spring suit should be good if you have acid-reflux,  otherwise you may want more warmth.

I haven’t been out in 5 weeks nursing my wounds (cracked rib and blown out back – I just want sympathy…)  ,  but I did try an hour today, and it felt okay,  but I kooked pretty bad 🙂

Have fun, I hope to see ya out at the pier,  if my body says go.


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