Cape Canaveral surf update report, Tuesday night (11/30/10)

I'm waiting for the sets.  November, 2009, Perkins
I'm waiting for the sets. November, 2009, Perkins

Looks like we should have some waist high glass in Cape Canaveral by early morning, probably by 7 Am. I’m taking a chance saying this because the swell was already decreasing at 5 pm today, with the waves coming in from the SE at a sharp angle, which usually means dying swell, but with the other swell coming in close, I think we’ll have nice waves in the Morning.

As I mentioned earlier today, the wind speed starts around 10 – 12 mph SSW or SW at daybreak,  and starts working its way around to the NW by mid day in the upwards of 15 – 20 mph NNW or N.

The new ground swell with a really long period 13 to 15 seconds starts rolling in by late morning to piggy back this departing wind swell, but the size should hold to waist high in the morning, and increase to Chest high by evening here, and bigger down south at the Rock breaks near the base, on down to Perkins , Hightowers lime reef breaks.

Clean right, eventually, chest high at Perkins, Nov. 2009, taken by a friend.
Clean right, eventually, chest high at Perkins, Nov. 2009, taken by a friend.

It should be high 60’s in the morning, but my early to later afternoon after the rain, it should start dropping pretty quick with the air temp.

Thursday morn (about 45 degrees in the morning , should have chest high with NNW winds till mid morning and then out of the North .

Enjoy the last warm day for a while, and some good surf.  High period swells without a huge area to develope and over an extended period of time often have many closeouts, so you’ll have to let a lot of waves pass by from Wednesday night on thru the rest of the high period swell.  Figure some gusts may hit 16 to 20 mph so that stuffs gonna blow in your eyes.  A heavier board would’nt hurt.

Have a great surf Wednesday morning.  Weather gets crappy by around 11 Am.  But then as the front passes, temps drop Wednesday, and more waves with North winds will blow hard.


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