How the waves were Tuesday (1/18) afternoon, and Sunday (1/16) dawn patrol for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Wednesday morning 1/19/11)

Larger Outside sets were waist high, fun thigh high wave for this 2nd week of Dec. 2010 surf session at Hangers.
Larger Outside sets were waist high, fun thigh high wave for this 2nd week of Dec. 2010 surf session at Hangers.

Tuesday (1/18) was really fun at O’Club. It didn’t look ridable at the end of Johnson Ave., but at 12 Pm, I could see that it was perfect 1 foot glass at Johnson, which meant knee to thigh high glass toward Satellite Beach.  And it was!

I laughed my butt off, when I saw like 12 or so guys out (mostly short-boarders), and 2nd light parking lot was full!
Anyhow,  I had 4 or 5 really fun rides, and every other one was a nice long ride with totally carve-able walls.  The guy I was surfing with, was riding a 6’1 fish, and was getting 4, 5 cutbacks off his waves, riding many all the way in.  And it was breaking outside surprisingly.  He got like 15 rides in the hour and 20 minutes we were out.

Sunday was really fun at Hightowers, (my buddies I tried to get to head down for a South session with me, laughed at me, cause the Port and Pier cams, and 2nd light cams weren’t showing anything 🙂  but the sets were thigh to many waist high waves, (the bigger set wave drops were chest high, just to paint a picture for you).  As I mentioned on Friday (1/14) Friday report,  because the NE swell angle was pretty steep, the Cape and the Pier would probably be blocked out. And it definitely was.   Saturday report also for Sunday.

When I checked the pier, Sunday Am, at 7:15, it was perfect glass with NW winds, very small,  not ridable and no-one out.

It wasn’t perfect glass at Hightowers, but semi-glass, because the NNW to NW winds are not the best for a South wind break.

It was a ball for 40 minutes,  but then the arthritus set in, and I was a slug with no spring for the next hour,  then I headed home.   Those 40 minutes were well worth the session 🙂



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