Surf report Monday night and surf forecast (7:30 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 05/09/11)

An exciting catch for the day.
An exciting catch for the day.

Fat swell still on the way!

The time table moved up,  and it looks like Thursday may be light offshore in the 5 to 8 range out of the west mostly for a few hours in the morning.  Right now, I’ll go with 30 % accurate on those winds (for this Monday night) and Tuesday night, when I’ll be closer to okay let’s say 90 % call for Thursday Am wind accuracy 😉   Swell power should be strong enough to be chest high plus down south,  waist at the Cape.   Later in the day the size ought to kick up a little.

Friday,  it gets a little bigger but with onshore winds all day.  The swell actually kicks in a second punch and starts pulling in some more size.

Saturday,  could easily be head high on the larger sets, with SW winds in the 8 to 12 mph range.   It could be totally epic.  Pick your favorite break.

Keep in mind that this swell comes from a sharp NE angle,  so the further south you go, it ought to be bigger, cleaner and pitching nicer 🙂

The photo is just another shark day at the jetty.

We’ll catch up again Tuesday and Wednesday.


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