Tony McMahon and Sky Dogs Concert in Gainesville. How the Waves were Saturday morn 5/14, Surf report Tuesday afternoon and surf forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 05/17/11)


Saturday morning waves at Hightowers at daybreak,  stomach to chest high and glassy with insane lefts and really fun rights.  High tide was damping a lot of spots, I even saw 3 cars leave 2nd light while I was at the light.   Hangers was too high tide, but Hightowers was rockin.

Now, for an old friend from high school filmed by another old friend Gary Powell (he’s not old, just a friend from way back 😉 …

Check out the video here…

Tony McMahon,  a friend from way back (high school ouch!),  playing lead guitar for Sky Dogs The Project Movie.  Tony in the black shirt with the trippin red trim shirt.

He ripped “Free Bird” better than Lynrd back then in high school.  Ain’t no one that would argue that!

This is a concert on May 15th, 2011 in Gainesville, FL, they’re playing classic Southern Rock, especially Allman Brothers.

Enjoy the vid folks, Tony hammers it 🙂


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