SUNNY GALLERY – How the Waves were (Saturday morning strong swell thru May 14, 2011) Surf report and surf forecast for Memorial Day Weekend (4:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 05/26/11)

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SUNNY – Photo Gallery

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Full size images below if you want to click on them and see full screen.

Sunny on a nice stomach high left...

Sunny on a nice stomach high left...

The photos are of Sunny taken by Chad , I think.

This was Saturday morning May 14, 2011 in South Cocoa Beach.

Chad, Sunny, Jim  and Sunny Dave caught a great sesh from a 3 or 4 day swell, nice glassy, yeah some closeouts, but definitely some great waves.

A 3 shot sequence of Sunny, followed by a couple of miscellaneous waves.

By the way, Sunny does do rights also 🙂

Same nice left...

Same nice left...

3rd shot in a sequence of Sunny

3rd shot in a sequence of Sunny

Another nice left for Sunny

Another nice left for Sunny

Nice lip to work

Nice lip to work

Oh, guess we don’t want to leave out the incoming Memorial Day weekend wind swell for Sunday thru maybe Wednesday.

Hey, we’re not even supposed to have waves this time of year, so get pumped that we’re at least getting some wind chop waves.

Maybe, we’ll see some shoulder high sets down south, but I figure we ought to see a day or two of waist high plus at the Cape since the wind swell is direct east.

Right now, I’m not seeing a window of off shore winds, but when we get to that 3 hour window, we’ll let ya know.

Enjoy the pics, and the waves late Sunday afternoon over Memorial Day weekend.

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    Nice style for a youngin

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