Surf Report Thursday Noon (at 12:15 Pm) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted August 18, 2011)

Phone cam shots ;(  Knee to thigh on the South side of the pier around 11 Am Thursday morning.
Phone cam shots ;( Knee to thigh on the South side of the pier around 11 Am Thursday morning.

Thursday night update from noon forecast (8:45 Pm).  The winds are now looking like SSW at daybreak and SW at 9 Am and N at 10 Am, then going onshore.  Get out early.  The 120 buoy has hit 4 feet at 8 and 9 seconds, if it hits 4.5 to 5 feet and holds at a few hits at 9 seconds, I still believe we will see some chest high sets.  Otherwise, maybe just waist, but I’m still optimistic.  The models just now changed and are showing Friday morning to be smaller, 1.5 feet at 8 seconds as opposed to 2.5 feet at 8 seconds as it was showing the last couple days for Friday morning.  So if the 120 goes up from what I said above, then we’ll be good, otherwise, knee to thigh.  Ouch.  Ending 8:45 Pm Thursday nite update.

Below is the original report from noon today.

My apologies, I didn’t update Tuesday night, and I will try not to make promises I can’t keep.  Ouch!

Okay, on to more ‘impotant’ things.   We have a little swell among us.  I checked it out from Hightowers,  Hangers, O’Club, also the High Tide break in South Cocoa Beach,  The Pier and Johnson Ave.  It looked ridable everywhere if you had patience to wait for the sets, but the pier did look most consistent when I checked it at 11ish.

I took a few pics at the pier with my phone,  yeah, very weak quality, but at least you can see the size on the Southside.

I definitely saw some waist high waves out there among the set waves down south.  (waist high for a 6 footer, since a guy I talked to at O’Club told me he had a head high drop on one wave,  he emphasized head-high for him:)

It looks like we have a middle of the road between a wind swell and a ground swell,  a low period swell,  with peaks for take off, as opposed to long lines.  I believe Friday morning  some time we will have some chest high sets rolling in down south, at least on the bigger sets.   The winds ought to be 3 to 5 mph SW offshore at daybreak Friday, and swinging around to the NNW by 10 or 11 Am, to NNE by lunch.

Phone cam shot two, South side of pier.
Phone cam shot two, South side of pier.

So, Friday waist to chest high with offshore winds (3 to 6 mph SW to NW by 10ish),  low tide is around 5:45 Am at the Cape,  so anytime after 7 Am will probably be good.

Saturday is looking a little bigger, but onshore in the Am. is telling me NNE around 5 to 7 mph,  Magicseaweed.coms models are showing S to SE for Saturday morning, but I don’t think their model is updated yet.  Friday night we’ll give ya an update on the winds, and I may tonight if it looks like it will change from what I have now.

Sunday, the size drops a little, but as it stands, we may have continued waves for a few days.

Also,  we may get a strong swell from the Tropical Disturbance down below Cuba which the models are showing some chest high to head high waves coming, so we’ll keep ya posted on that.

Have a fun surf sesh today,  Friday morn, or whenever 🙂

Phone cam shot no. 3 Southside of pier, 11 Am  ish.
Phone cam shot no. 3 Southside of pier, 11 Am ish.


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