Wednesday is the Day, Tuesday afternoon (2:30 PM) Surf Report update and Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach (posted December 06, 2011)

WEDNESDAY 5:30 AM UPDATE! The Cape , CCB and SB are all showing winds at 5 mph SW at daybreak and switch to  SSW by 10 ish.  Weather Channel on cable this morn says it will turn SW all day.  This storm has been impossible to nail down the winds 😦 If it does, it starts blowing 15 to 20 mph , so I’ll emphasize, get your light offshore winds early, and also because the swell drops a foot or foot and a half on the face size by early afternoon.

Back to last nights update below:


Man, this swell is exhausting.  It’s like a spouse with a new credit card 🙂

just kidding!

The winds will be blowing hard all Wednesday night out of the NW at 10 to 15 mph and will be blowing the swell flatter by Thursday morning.  So for Thursday AM the winds are blasting out of NNW at 10 to 15 and the size of the swell will probably be down to waist high at the Cape and Chest down South , but getting sloppy quick during the early to mid-morning.

The new front is rolling in, bringing conflicting winds early, and the existing swell is fading a day faster now.

Wednesday morning, stomach to chest high at the Cape.  (maybe bigger)  Head high plus in Satellite Beach, probably some foot overhead sets.  Winds turn SW around 5 Am and turn SSW by 10 or 11, so be in the water by 8 if you want a solid glassy 2 hour session.  The winds are total offshore down South, and sideshore at the Cape, maybe some offshore with SW winds, but keep that in mind SW winds only give us about a 20 degree offshore wind up North here.  The Cape is at the other end of a curved bay if you will, so if you want shape to the wave, go South of Minuteman Causeway.

Have a great sesh!


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