Todos Santos January 5th, 2012: Big Wave Surfing, posted Wednesday night January 11, 2012

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This was so awesome to watch, this big swell that hammered the entire Pacific Coast it seems.  Y’all know my obsession with big wave video.  Yeah, the camera shakes a fair amount (the guy apologizes on his YouTube page because the boat was shaking so much), but just grab the rush of the drop in for these guys.  And drool, except for the fact that cold water does , well, it stinks.   Funny thing is,  a few hundred miles further South, below the Ecuador line,  like Acapulco, the water is warm pretty much year round, like no wetsuit in November.

A glimpse of Todos Santos , Mexico's coastline map, and the long road the surfers had to get there.
A glimpse of Todos Santos , Mexico's coastline map, and the long road the surfers had to get there.

Here is a little map I found on a blog that discusses Experiencing Baja , Mexico.  It’s kind of cool to take a minute out of our normal obsessive pace, and read about other people that have a simpler life.   I got side-tracked when looking for a map to show you where these guys drove all nite to get this incredible surf session.   This blog which has nothing to do with the surfers in this video, is great for looking into the lives of the people who live along the rode to Todos Santos.  If you have ever surfed along this part of the Mexico border (as opposed to the Gulf of Mexico side, like Cancun) or even further below (like 250 miles further South even), along the non-Baja Southern border such as   Acapulco,  Escondido, Mexico Pipeline,  it is a pretty sparse area, and back in the late 70’s and mid-80’s when I surfed there,  we American’s weren’t received as gracefully as we might be now;  I should also say, not received by the bandito population, cause the Mexican folks are wonderful people to the core 🙂

Incoming Surf; Not much to pass on with incoming swells.  We’ll look at it to see if this less than 5 foot wind swell coming Monday does anything for us.


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