The Best Surfing Video I have ever seen; 25 to 40 foot face waves, of perfection at Cloudbreak , Fiji July 2011 with Jeff Rowley and his 1 Million dollar goal of raising funds for Breast Cancer. Posted Saturday at 3:15 PM (January 13, 2012)

SURF REPORT UPDATE SUNDAY JAN. 15, 6 PM…Incoming windswell Mon and Tues, waist high plus, with chance of offshore winds on Wednesday and maybe late Tuesday afternoon, but Wednesday right now looks best 🙂 End of Sunday update

Be sure to click on the 720 resolution and full-screen to watch this masterpiece…

Surfing and windsurfing Fiji Cloudbreak Massive Surf

This video is the best Surf Video I have seen;  1st the footage of the most epic day/swell to hit Fiji of 25 to 40 foot face waves with perfect glass,  most everyone is paddling in, not all.

2nd, then the production quality by Tim Bonython Productions with editing by Corey Maynard, using Piano music by Tripswitch, LR-60 & Mr. Moods, and Echelon Effect, the piano magnifies and defines the epic perfection of the clear Blue Water of Cloudbreak , Tavarua, Fiji.

Jeff Rowley is on a goal to raise $ 1,000,000 for breast cancer and he intends to do this by surfing massive surf all over the globe.  I am sure there is a personal part to his life that has him totally passionate about achieving this goal, though I haven’t found out who affected him for this drive.  I recently saw a new video of his first paddle in session at Maui/Jaws-Peahi for 40 to 50 foot face waves.

Jeff was born with club feet and had to have surgery just after his birth.  His mother was told that he may never be able to walk.  But I guess he was very stubborn, because if you watch the way he carves 30 to 40 foot faces at Cloudbreak with no fear, he obviously adapted to his life born disability.

Midway or more into the video,  a Kite-Surfer performs incredibly on a 35 foot +/-  face wave.

Near the end of the video Jeff Rowley takes off on a massive wave at the same time Jason Polakow drops in with his Sailboard,  and then they carve the face of this massive wave at the same time as if the act was practiced and performed many times before.  Impeccably orchestrated, all of the footage.  Then at the very end,  Jeff solo, takes what looks to be the wave of the day 35 to 40 foot face and handles it like an 8 foot wave.  Followed by Jason on a solo with his sailboard on a similar size wave going vertical with the sailboard down the face.

I can’t use enough adjectives to describe the quality of the filming, the surfing, the massive glassy perfection, the choreography of the surfing and sailboard, the music and the goal of Jeff Rowley to raise money for breast cancer.

Did I mention magnificent?

Enjoy 🙂


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