Friday night March 9th Surf Report/Update 7 PM , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 9 2012 posted)

Saturday Morning Surf until 8 Am, maybe 9 AM, then it goes to pure onshore chop slop…………..Rib to chest high at the CapeSemi-Glass with 8 to 12 mph North winds until 8 AM.  Satellite Beach could have solid head high waves with a chance of one hour more of semi-glass waves until 9 AM,  with 9 to 13 mph N and maybe NNW winds.  But by 9 Am, everywhere it should start getting blown out big time with 15 to 20 mph NNE winds.

40% chance of showers and total cloudy, so get in the water by 6:30 if you want 1 and 1/2 hour of good surf. 

Sunday surf; total blown out big chop, 20 mph onshore winds.  Later in the week we’ll let ya know when the clean days are.

Either way, it’s kind of fun to think that this swell could wait another hour to hit us, but not likely 🙂

Today was awesome at Johnson Ave.  Solid chest high , with very clean shoulders, and if you waited, there were many 80 to 100 yard rides for long boards anyhow.

Have a nice Saturday!


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