Surfing Iceland Nixon Surf challenge video 2 DEGREE WATER TEMP!! , Surf Update for Friday afternoon 1:30 PM May 31, 2013, Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (May 31, 2013 posted)

MORE CHOP W SOME SIZE FOR TODAY AND SATURDAY in the waist to shoulder high face range down South in Satellite, and smaller at the Cape and Pier with 15 to 20 mph onshore winds.  Sunday could have clean light onshore winds, in the 5 to 8 mph range, with waist high plus waves.

Thursday surf at the Pier, around 6 :30 PM last night was rib to chest maybe, but very fun drops.  If u waited, which I did , some long (longboard rides were to be had).  A brutal paddle out for shore.  Had to walk 1/4 mile south of the Pier (longboard), in order to get out, before the south to north current had me on top of the pier.  But it was worth it.  Had to wait 15 or 20 minutes for a wave, which they were only breaking when I drifted to the Pier (behind it), caught 2 fun waves and headed in.

There were two other guys out, a shortboarder getting plenty of rides, another guy who I couldn’t see much, and myself, picky and waiting for the wave that was worth the paddle back out on a 10.0 foot board 🙂

The video below, is some nice footage of clips of a Surf contest in Iceland, where the water temp was 2° Fahrenheit, Ouch!  But the guys shredded, and made it look like warm water reflexes 🙂


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