Saturday morning with light 3 to 5 mph NNE winds should be fun! Humberto will still provide, Friday night September 20 , 10:30 PM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , September 20, 2013 posted

Saturday morning, light NNE winds in the 3 to 5 mph range, and it could be offsore N to NNW up North here until 8 AM,  and catch this!  17 hours ago, the 20 mile buoy said 5.2 feet at 11 seconds, well, at 9:50 PM tonight (Friday), it also said 5.2 feet at 11 seconds!  And the nearshore buoy said 2.6 feet at 11 seconds at 1:30 this afternoon, well, at 9:50 tonight, it also said 2.6 feet at 11 seconds. The Fort Pierce buoy has held the same too, St. Augustine has dropped from 5 feet something at their 40 mile, to 3.6 at 11 seconds, but they get most North or South swells first anyhow.  So, with the longer period coming in at midnight tonight,  at 10 seconds, we should see some waist to chest high waves Saturday with some nice lines.  Low tide at 3:10 am is the low low tide for the day, and the 9:35 high tide is the high high tide for the day, so that may , hold back some, but my best guess, is dawn patrol gets the biggest stuff, then it drops some, and then in late afternoon, it will pick back up, but with 5 to 7 mph winds.  Should be fun!

Sunday should still have thigh to waist high plus sets and offshore in the morning 🙂

Today was really fun!  Waist to Shoulder high, with a few 6 inch to 1 foot overhead faces on the drop in Satellite Beach.  Nice lines, lots of close outs, but you just had to let em pass by.

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