Semi Glassy waves by 1 or 2 PM today and glassy by 4 PM today Thursday March 6th in the waist to stomach range, this is the Thursday afternoon Surf report at 12:30 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , March 06 2014 posted

Possible glassy waves by 2 PM today and very fun ! … More below…

Scariest Wipeout I have seen in a couple years on this video just below all this surf talk.  Tasmania has the Right, Shipstern Bluff, and this break in the Video which I never heard of, with a 40 plus foot face, and a wall thicker than Teahupoo.  The surfer thought he broke his back

My video just below this line, was one of the epic lefts that came thru on March 3rd,  Monday, a solid head high left, that this guy worked the face to stay ahead of the wave, awesome reading of the wave !  100 YARD PLUS RIDE, VERY SWEET 🙂  Walk On Water video, see our site here:

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Today, Thursday, March 6th, we should have winds, that turn offshore sometime after 1 PM, with waist to stomach high waves, getting bigger of course as you move south.   Very strange , but here is the wind situation.  They started North at midnight, went NE,  as the push of the new smaller swell coming in late today comes in, the winds change to SSE, (this is at the Patrick Air Force base weather station which is the most accurate source of winds for us),  they are now turned south from 8 down to 6 mph, 10 am south at 8, and at 11 am the last reading they were south at 6 mph, so probably noon reading they will be south and by 1 Pm, they should make a shift to SSW, and maybe by 4 or 5 PM, they will turn SW.  So after 1 or 2 PM, there should be solid waist high to stomach high glassy waves south of 8th Street south, but by 6 PM, the little swell will be down to 2 feet probably.

Friday, late afternoon, a new swell starts rolling in, bringing us waist to stomach, but, the winds will be offshore strong, so they may literally blow it flat. If not, it should be fun, but it will bring solid waist to chest high waves for Saturday, and clean to semi-glassy conditions all day Saturday for the North only. (The Cape thru 4rth street North).  If it turns NNW, then Satellite Beach will have some shoulder high plus waves and semi-glassy, yeah !

Sunday, will be waist to chest high with light north winds my guess in the 6 to 8 mph range with a strong change of turning NNW or NW, then , it could be great not only North but also down South.

WIPEOUT FROM HELL – featuring James Hollmer-Cross from Tim Bonython Productions on Vimeo.

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