Big Waves coming Thursday March 20 ! Great Video: Awesome 15 foot to 60 foot faces Belharra Riding w Sancho and Dorian, this is the Tuesday night Surf report at 9:15 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , March 18 2014 posted

Big Waves coming Thursday March 20 !  More down below 🙂

Big swell starts rolling in all day Wednesday, but not till after dark, does the powerhouse Ground Swell come in !

Thursday, at daybreak, we should be blessed with Shoulder high waves up North to Overhead sets down south.  The swell is not to steep, so it should fill in to the Cape fairly nicely, and of course way better in Satellite Beach.  The winds should be NNW until maybe 9 AM, and then North, so it should be semi-glassy from 4rth Street North up to the Cape.  Satellite handles side shore NNW winds a lot better than we handle sideshore SSW winds, but up North is your best shot for glass.  If u want size, go to Satellite.  NOTE:  THE WINDS TURN NORTH, BY 9 AM, SO GET OUT EARLY!

Friday will only be a foot or foot and a half smaller in the early AM, but once the winds pick up late morning, the size will dampen.  Light onshore winds in the morning, and then they go stiff.

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