Thursday night update for Friday morn, chest high plus and glassy down south with SSW to SW winds until maybe 11, posted 9:30 PM 05/01/2014

Is there a decent chance for glass and size in the morning Friday?  South Cocoa Beach to Satellite, chest high waves with winds that should be brisk offshore, 10 to 15 mph SSW with a window of maybe SW from 8 to 10, but just a possible window.  SSW most likely, which is sideshore at the Cape and North Cocoa Beach, but it should still be fun, because it is a 12 second period ground swell.  A 3 foot 12 second swell has been known to go head high for us, chest high is a better start 🙂

Saturday looks waist high and glassier in the morning.

Get it early Friday, because by 10 Am, it could be Thunderstorms, so dawn patrol is the wise move 🙂

Have Fun, be safe, and don’t forget to watch for sharks, we’ve had a bunch.


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