Edouard still coming on Strong! Grazed the 120 mile buoy at 4 PM today. 8:00 PM Update Tuesday night for Hurricane Edouard Surf, Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach, posted 8 PM 09/16/2014

We were all hoping to see a trace of swell at the beaches tonight before dark.  Oh Well ! :<(

It did hit the 120 mile buoy out from the Cape at 4 PM.   Just a trace.  The swell out there as been 1.4 to 2 feet at 7-8 seconds.  At 3:50 PM, it finally hit 2.3 feet at 13 seconds, and then a couple 8 second readings.  Anticpation………………………..Below are 3 charts.   The first is the Swell at 6 am Wednesday morning, the second is the power of the swell period at 6 am and the third is from today at 3 PM the Swell Period.  Notice how the period hit the beaches way before the waves did.  Very strange.  Low end, 2 foot over head waves.  High end for Wednesday, 5 foot overhead (down South and maybe, just maybe the Pier 🙂  My calls are below.

Swell Chart for the Surf size at 6 AM Wednesday morning, compliments of Magicseaweed.com

Wednesday at 9 AM,  (daybreak should still be chest high or bigger), but by 9 AM, before the scattered thunderstorms are supposed to start around 10 AM,  I believe there will be some size.   At the Cape, The Pier,  head high to 2 foot overhead, with rogue bigger sets.  Satellite Beach may show some 1-3 foot overhead sets.  By 1 or 2 PM,  it could jack up to a consistent 2-4 foot overhead for the big sets.  Deep down, I think a 4 or 5 foot overhead rogue wave will not be uncommon at the Rock Reef breaks in Satellite Beach.  The winds could blow as hard as 10-16 mph WSW.  Those winds should slow down a little thru the day.


Period (strength of swell) Chart for the Surf at 6 AM Wednesday morning, compliments of Magicseaweed.com

Thursdayit should be solid shoulder high to overhead in the morning, with the size dropping thru the day.  Offshore winds in the morning, and the winds should be NW turning NNW to North, so Satellite does crank with NW winds, but it you get out late, stay North of Minuteman Causeway, to catch the North wind breaks.




Period (strength) of the Swell Chart for the Surf at 3 PM today, Tuesday compliments of Magicseaweed.com

Have fun, be safe, and watch for the Thunderstorms coming from the central part of the state.  Those could kick in as early as 9 or 10 am, and should keep coming all day.


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