Monday morning 11/24 looks like it could be Shoulder high and Semi-Glassy and lots of fun! … Thursday evening 9:45 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 11/20/2014)

How does the weekend look for waves?

A solid wind/maybe mild groundswell (the swell period is only 9 which technically does not qualify for ground swell 🙂  ),  but there is enough form to the Swell Period to get excited.

Sunday could have well ovehead big wind chop with a chance of semi-clean waves with strong South winds Sunday late afternoon.  PLAYALINDA COULD BE FANTASTIC!  Playalinda faces 32 degrees offshore with direct South winds.  Sebastian Inlet, 26 degrees offshore with direct South.  The rest of our breaks, South is only a teaser 🙂

Monday could be chest to shoulder high with bigger face takeoffs, and semi-glassy with brisk winds SSW.  It’s 4 days out, so this is only in the 37.5% chance range, but it has been consistent 2 days running.  It could be 75-80 degrees and Sunny , also on Monday!

We’ll post more as the swell gets a day away!

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