Surf on Friday ! 3 Days in a row, models say yes! Posted Wednesday March 16 at 11:00 AM

What size and shape can we expect?  Friday morning, has a 2-4 foot ground swell in the 13-14 second period range.  Should be waist to chest at the Pier, and waist to shoulder high possibility in Satellite Beach. Winds show offshore for the first half of the morning.  I will show charts and more later today, plus winds update. It’s easy to be Negative and say a long period swell is always closeouts.  I say,  Florida has the most unpredictable ocean floor and swell reaction, so I’m saying, get up early , and hope for the best, and by all means, check 3 surf breaks if you need to.  Because, many long period swells have had great form. Surfing was not meant to be a one spot surf only sport 🙂

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