Hello from Johnson Avenue Surfers Blog

I hope to capture the personalities of the folks that live just North, just South and on Johnson Avenue in Cape Canaveral that like to surf, or just plain enjoy watching us surf out there. 

We have a few old timers , over 60 that bring California, Hawaii and a bunch of other flavors to the surfing at the end of our street. 

We have middle age guys like myself that like to see how many times I can smash the water with my face under the excuse that I’m trying new moves. 

Young female surfers that put us to shame in many ways, but we don’t worry about it too much, cause they’re real friendly and great help at keeping the attitude mellow out there 🙂 

Excuse my excessive or non-clear verbage here,  I am kinda new at the blog thing, however I’m sure that eventually I’ll get the hang of it.  

Picture of me with the hat on while watching some hurricane Danielle surf.
A rainbow behind me on Cocoa Beach Pier

Long wind cut short,  we hope to provide surf pics, videos and the personalities of the folks who live and surf here, along with an occassional visitor from down south, when the surf is to big and choppy for them to get out.    We welcome them as most of them seem to know the surf etiquette that we use up here at the Cape.

Enjoy our updates, and we’ll keep try to keep things friendly, hopefully entertaining and maybe even helpful.


Oldwaverider (Art)

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