Wednesday nite (10/20/10) update

Saturday looks like the main part of the Nor’easter wind (not groundswell) will be upon us.  As it stands, it looks like chest to shoulder-high choppy waves by evening time Saturday or by Sunday morning, with winds in the 15 – 25 mph range out of the east.  Size looks like it will hold up thru Sunday and Monday in the waist to shoulder-high range,  but remember, we’re talking mega choppy conditions. 

Sunday morning around 9 Am looks to be the best time to go out.  Why,  it’ll be high tide going low, so the chop should be manageable, a much smoother paddle out on high tide, and our swells break better high going low so there may even been some fun shoulders out there if you go down south to one of the Patrick breaks.

Monday and/or Tuesday might be pretty fun at Playalinda.   The winds will be SE on Monday, and as a point in fact: winds directly out of the South are 32 degrees offshore at Playalinda,  so some of those SE winds will probably be SSE.  On Tuesday, which it looks like something may remain out there (keep in mind that this is one big wind swell, and it can weaken, move up, or whatever,  so these predictions are based on the models tonight), so Tuesday it should be S to SSW winds which is perfect for Playalinda.

Have a great rest of your week folks.

Since we haven’t had any swells of interest since Otto,  I’m just kinda laying low for now.



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