Thursday morning (10/28/10)

Still looks like that long period swell (in other words ground swell)  is headed our way.  Saturday looks to get some chest high plus waves, with winds strong enough to put salt/water on your car across A1A.

When you’re rinsing your car off in the morning, stop by the “Bald Strawberry”.   Linda Lopez has this awesome bakery with fresh bread, cookies, cake to order and some more great stuff.   (Linda,  I just wanted to put in a plug there 🙂

Back to surf, Sunday the winds are supposed to back off to fairly light onshores probably in the 5 to 10 mph out of the east.  Low tide at 8:45 am  so it should be waist to chest high here in Canaveral,  and possibly head high down south toward 2nd light, o-club, and the awesome rock/reef breaks.

Monday could provide some off shore winds for a while in the early am, with diminished size, but still ought to be waist high plus down south there.

If I see any major front changes, we’ll update tonight, otherwise a Friday night 120 buoy report will be in order.

Hope ya can get out there Sunday morning while the size is up there.  Later


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