Surf report, Saturday night surf forecast (9:30 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 02/26/11)

7 Day surf chart shows Wednesday incoming swell, compliments,
7 Day surf chart shows Wednesday incoming swell, compliments,

Wednesday morning, the 2nd of March, we have a decent size wind swell blowing in the 3 to 4 foot range. But Thursday afternoon,  a secondary swell or a secondary part of the original swell, really hammers in, and then keeps rolling in thru Saturday or Sunday in the 6 to 8 foot range at around 8 seconds, maybe even 9 seconds.

Thursday night, the swell chart starts to catch up with the wave chart meaning, some strength starts to show, but the real punch of the wind swell is by Saturday morning-afternoon.

This swell looks so close to being a ground swell, that we’ll just have to see if any serious lines show up late Friday or Saturday morning.

It’s too early to tell if and when we’ll have some offshore winds, but right now the guess is for Sunday.

Okay, backing up a few days, here are some comments about the small swell we had Thursday and Friday.

Hind-site,  I guess we should have said something about the Thursday-Friday swell that was upon us.

Thursday I surfed some fun thigh to waist high waves at Hangers, not glassy but very clean.  Many 50 to 100 yard rides were to be had on long boards.  Almost all lefts, pretty fun.

I was surfing with Rob, a guy visiting from Newport Beach, and we just alternated waves with plenty of spectators on the beach.  Yeah we kooked ocassionally,  when you’re over 45 you are allowed to kook.  But great session.  Enjoy the trip back to Newport Beach Rob.

Newport was a great place to surf back when Cliff (an old high school buddy) and I drove out to California in 1979, ouch!

Friday,  the rock breaks weren’t really happening at 10 Am yet, so I checked on O’Club, and it was going off.  Five people out on the North end,  so me and Eric, a clammer tradesmen I met before heading out, we went to the south end, and caught a whole bunch of awesome lefts.   Most of the lefts, you caught out side and rode a totally workable wall all the way to the beach without hardly any closeouts.   70 to 100 yards plus !

The sets were a lot of chest high glassy with 15 – 20 mph SSW winds on it, so some serious texture was to be had, but man, the lefts were going off totally.   It was a normal footers chance to work a bunch of lefts, and that’s all we did. Incredible session.   The current was semi-strong so we had to paddle a bit, and do a walk back south from time to time, but the paddle out was easy.

We’ll keep you updated on the incoming wind swell which looks to have some good size to it.


oldwaverider 🙂

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