Surf report, Friday afternoon surf forecast (2:30 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 03/18/11)

My addiction of big wave footage continues…Another XXL contender video, of Shane Dorian, a very familiar participant in the Billabong XXL awards of recent years.  This was a massive perhaps 45 to 50 foot  paddle in wave at Peahi on 3/15/11.  He almost made it out of the barrell 🙂

SURF REPORT TIME: Okay, now to local matters;  It looks like we have a wind swell coming in starting sometime Sunday evening,  with the most size on Monday (overhead chop) , but strong onshore winds.  Tuesday morning looks to be head high and glassy (as the wind forecasts stand right now) for a session down south (2nd light, Perkins, RC’s, etc.) and waist high plus at the Cape.  The winds could go offshore until late morning Tuesday, and as the size drops some overnight a foot or two, Wednesday appears to be a day with offshore winds thru lunchtime.

As Monday approaches, we will track the 48 hour window of the weather channel to give more updates on the potential offshore winds.

It doesn’t look to be a ground swell, but it may very well be some decent size and power.



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