Surf report, Sunday night surf forecast (7:15 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 03/20/11)

O.O.P.  (out of pictures :)
O.O.P. (out of pictures 🙂

Quick update for Tuesday.

It’s now showing the 48 hour window at weather channel on winds, and Tuesday at daybreak, it looks to be 2 to 4 mph SW winds making any of the South wind breaks the best bet.  (meaning, any break at least at least a 1/2 mile South of Minuteman Cswy).  Should be head high and glassy down south until around 10 Am as it looks right now for CCB, and the Cape is looking pretty blocked based on the swell angle, but I’m gonna take a look at Johnson Ave. to see what size we have.


Okay, I just checked it at 7:30 at Johnson, and it’s waist high, so Tuesday morn, it should be waist with some chest high sets, depending on how tall ya are 😉

Monday will be overhead chop down south, and chest to maybe head high chop here at the Cape.

It was waist high plus at Lori Wilson around 2 PM and fairly clean conditions surprisingly with the high winds.

It hit 8.5 feet at 8 seconds at the 120 around 5 PM , up from 3 feet at 4 secs around 6 AM this morning.

I don’t believe it will become quite a ground swell, but it will be close.   At least we should get some fairly long peaks.  Shouldn’t be much of a problem with closeouts.

Enjoy Tuesday, and also Wednesday morning should be waist high and glassy down South in the morning.



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