Surf report, Monday morning surf forecast (8:00 Am) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 03/21/11)

Update for Tuesday dawn patrol.  The size down south, after looking at the swell models this morning , look like we may not see head high, but more in the chest high plus range.   Waist high for the Cape.

For those of you that were envisioning some possible overhead sets, I figured I ought to throw in this disclaimer 😦

But other than that, chest high for Tuesday is great, the winds now look to be straight West at daybreak, and may even hold until noon, or pretty close at around 3 to 5 mph.  The tide will be low going high, low tide around 4:20 AM Tuesday.

Get it while it’s glassy!

Today should be some big chop,  winds will be a little more tame, supposed to be in the 10 to 15 mph range onshore.

Tonight or Tuesday, I’ll give ya an update on what to expect for Wednesday morning.

Have a great day.


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