July 4rth weekend, slightly possible waves ;) Huge Mexico Escondido 30 to 50 ft. face Waves and Surf report Wednesday night and surf forecast (9:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 06/29/11)

On Location Puerto Escondido#2 from IronFistMedia on Vimeo.

My lust for huge wave videos continues, (Click the 4 little arrows just right of the HD letters on the video to see this full screen, its awesome) but first, our local update……We still have a small swell approaching what seems to be Thursday night after midnight, on our beaches Friday morning.  Now, will the offshore winds Thursday and Thursday night keep the small swell from hitting the actual beaches,  that is the question.
Thursday morning, there may be some fun knee high waves at the Cape here.  High tide at 7:20 am approx., so anytime after that if you have a long board.
Friday morning, we could have some thigh high waves here, if………..the offshore winds don’t keep it offshore.   The reason why I believe we could get something, is the moving swell period chart comes sweeping in a few hours before daybreak with a 9 second period and a fetch that looks to be 500 miles or so.
Best scenario, thigh high and glassy.  Worst, glassy shorebreak and a nice day to surf fish 🙂
Saturday the period drops one notch, but also a chance of something rideable then.
I’m trying to be optimistic and realistic.   50/50 chance for Friday morning fun waves.
The video, is a huge swell that hit Puerto Escondido Mexico with some 30 to 50 foot faces, and a crowd of the big waves surfers there.
Happy July 4rth weekend!


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