Tropical Storm Emily update plus Surf Report Wednesday morning (at 8:45 Am) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted August 03, 2011)

Emily looks to be best positioned for offshore winds and overhead for Sunday.  Compliments of
Emily looks to be best positioned for offshore winds and overhead for Sunday. Compliments of

Okay, Emily in brief.

Thursday morning, possible late morning ground swell, but that may be iffy.  It is not really from Emily, but it could be waist to chest, ssw offshore winds.

Friday morning, this is part of Emily, and should be chest high (down south of course), ssw to sw winds.  Emily stalls out here and size does not build until afternoon Saturday.

Saturday morning Emily is building , it may be waist to chest with light onshore winds early and sloppy strong onshore winds in the afternoon, and by late afternoon and evening it will get big probably overhead a little down south but be choppy all day, cause when a hurricane or TS is straight off our coast the winds have not come around offshore yet.  (SEE PICTURE TO SEE STORM LOCATION)

Sunday morning, should be offshore, overhead, probably west winds offshore brisk in the 8 to 15 mph winds, but my guess, 2 foot overhead down south and head high plus at the Cape.

The winds I can’t accurately predict until 36 hours ahead of the predicted time period I’m talking about.  So tonight I will give you some more accurate winds for Friday and Thursday and also if the first ground swell does actually hit the 120 buoy, or if we can only expect real waves for Sunday (offshore) and Saturday late afternoon big and onshore.


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