Tropical Storm Emily update plus Surf Report Wednesday night (at 9:30 Pm) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted August 03, 2011)

Tropical Storm Emily has stalled as of 8 PM tonight (Wed) but still should throw some waves.  Image compliments of
Tropical Storm Emily has stalled as of 8 PM tonight (Wed) but still should throw some waves. Image compliments of

The mental roller coaster continues…………….Ya know, the independence of a Tropical Storm/Hurricane , it just kinda changes its mind when it wants,

Tropical Storm Emily has stalled as of 8 PM tonight, but it does still have 50 mph winds.  It’s border is skimming Haiti and the Dominican Republic.   So right now the models dropped from 6 to 7 feet at around 11 seconds to 3.5 at 9 seconds.  This I feel will jump back up again, a little, but if not, it’s still showing for Sunday, chest to shoulder-high wave potential by Patrick/Satellite and waist to chest here at the Cape with NW winds brisk but not too strong.

Thursday morning call; still iffy.  We may have a rideable swell and we might not, but as of 9:30 PM it hasn’t hit the 120 buoy, not above 2.6 at 9 secs, and we really want 3.5 to 4.0 feet min at the 120 to even hope for waist-high waves tomorrow.  It still looks like a 20 % chance of having waist-high plus before 10 Am, the winds should be offshore SW in the 5 to 8 mph range till mid-morning.  (What’s with this percent thing 😉

Friday I have more confidence of having some fun waist to chest high waves down south and waist here in the Cape.  Friday morning looks like SW winds again in the 4 to 8 range.

Saturday still looks like a stall and with light on shores in the Am and increasing on shores throughout the day up to 15 ish.  Size by evening, chest high plus.

Sunday, if the models hold as they are, we may see nothing.  But, if the storm moves again, then chest high plus with NW winds which means, your best shot is a break North of Minuteman Causeway to look for a North wind break.

Hopefully the model picks up, but whatever, we should have at least a couple days of fun waves 🙂

We’ll talk Thursday some time.


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