How the Waves were Thurs, Friday, Saturday, Tropical Storm Emily remnants update, How Friday Fest was, plus Surf Report Saturday night (at 9:00 Pm) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted August 06, 2011)

Sunday morning, stomach to chest high and glassy down south with some bigger sets especially in Satellite, thigh to waist at the Cape.  Winds should be 3 to 6 mph out of the SW and then West.   Winds increasing thru the day to 10 to 15 mph with the swell dropping rapidly, especially by mid-afternoon.  Get out before 7:30 while the winds are light and before the swell really starts to drop by 11 or 12.

How the Waves were on Thursday,  chest high plus and glassy down south by Patrick and Satellite.

Stomach to almost chest high Friday and very glassy in Satellite but a little textured and a little chop North of Minuteman once the SSW winds started around 8.  Really fun waves in Satellite, nice fast walls.

Saturday, light onshores, and solid waist to stomach high at Lori Wilson, once high tide hit at 1:30 it was really clean and fun long rides on long board and fun, short workable walls on short board.

Oh, Friday Fest in Cape Canaveral was awesome and so was the band Vilify.   They had to be under 22 years all 3 of them and man, the Bass, Drummer and especially lead guitar were all awesome.  They played metal,  Pink Floyd, The Doors and their own original.  And the food and booths of artists, etc were great.

Have a great final session from Emily !


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