How the Waves were today, Tropical Storm Emily update, Friday Fest for the Cape, plus Surf Report Thursday afternoon (at 1:30 Pm) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted August 04, 2011)

Friday morning 7 AM swell size model from and Noah.
Friday morning 7 AM swell size model from and Noah.

Before I mention what today was like, an 8:00 PM update for Friday mornings call I have down below from earlier today. The 120 buoy is hanging around 4 foot at 11 seconds which is good, and the moving swell model is showing that it ought to hit 5 to 6 foot at the 120 tonight, but the winds are blowing SSW out there , at least down from 11 to now 5 knots SSW, but that could keep a lot of the swell back.  So it could drop even smaller on Friday than it was today but I still feel better than 50 % that we’ll have chest high waves down south Friday morning 🙂

The pier had solid waist high waves today, I surfed on Johnson which was knee-high maybe some bigger sets, mostly closeouts but it was worth getting wet.  With the winds being SW at the Cape, that actually is sideshore to occasionally slight offshore  winds for us, and definite offshore down south, so that’s why we had some bumpy texture here. When I went to the pier at 11 Am,  the winds had just turned onshore, it was waist-high and glassy so probably a foot bigger down south though I haven’t heard back yet on that.

Friday still looks to be a foot bigger or should I say stomach to chest high down south with a wind change to SSW winds instead of the earlier models that said SW.  The SSW winds look to only hold until 9 AM at best so get out early!  The actual swell from Emily is still rolling in straight thru until Saturday morning. Take a look at the first image which shows the Friday incoming swell model with the arrow pointing to a lighter blue than the 2nd picture which was for this morning, so the swell should be a little bigger and stronger for Friday morning but only for early morning.

Thursday morning 7 AM swell size model from and Noah.
Thursday morning 7 AM swell size model from and Noah.

Saturday the swell size peaks at around 3.5 feet at 9 seconds at around daybreak still looks to be chest high plus down south with onshore winds all day maybe some shoulder high sets, with light onshores in the morning (2 to 4 mph SSE, and increasing onshores in the afternoon, right now I can only read until 1 Pm which shows 6 mph east.

Sunday I believe will have chest high plus waves down south with I suspect NW winds, but that I will confirm Friday sometime early evening.   Sunday still looks to be the semi-epic day.   Only a North wind break for Sunday, meaning only a surf break North of Minuteman Causeway.  (From the Cape to Satellite we have a bay in the shape of a C with Minuteman being the bottom, so if you look at my Google Map chart, you will see why I say South Wind and North Wind breaks.)  Follow this link and scroll down just below the 4 small surf pictures and you will see the Names of 5 to 10 breaks and whether they are in the North or South wind break area.

Anyhow, have fun Friday thru Sunday.

Oh, don’t forget about the Cape Canaveral Friday Fest, to support children in school plus our local vendors, artists and beer, wine providers 🙂


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