Epic Surf, Sea Lice alert, Moon Jellyfish alert, Hurricane Irene Surf Report Thursday afternoon (at 1:00 PM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted August 25, 2011)

Quick Update at 8:45 PM Thursday nightMost will assume that I am on, or was on some form of a hallucinagenic, and I’m okay with that 🙂 , however, I just got to watch 45 minutes of surf shortly before dark,  and I saw one individual catch 4 rides, the 1st witch was 6 solid feet over his head, when he made his bottom turn, and he still had 2 or 3 further to the bottom, not of the typical slopey Florida wave.  The 2nd epic wave out of his 4 that we watched, which was also glassy, was he dropped in, on the same but maybe an inch taller wave 😉 and after a rentry, slipped right into a barrel, standup, but only have of the wave covered him to the waist, but he did disappear, pulled out, and preceded to get 3 or 4 rentry that required at least 30 yards coverage for each top to bottom, it was like in slow motion.  We estimated that it was about 200 yards, (2 football fields, based on the fact that it was around 10 seconds ride, but also, since it was about 400 yards out paddle to get out, and he made it most of the way in except for the inside section…which by the way, his wave kept on going when he kicked out. It was really breathtaking for Florida ( I could care less how corney it sounds, but I love guessing numbers, stats, financial data and trends, finding changes in treands, plus distance when I run 3 to 4 times a week, so am I anal , you make the call, and this site to see was awesome , especially for Northern Brevard County.  The original post from today continues below starting with the Teahupoo video which is breathtaking again…a little poetic sounding, but my bad 😉  Last comment, I believe my numbers for 6:30 – 7 AM session made in this afternoons post earlier today at 1  PM, is still accurate, so take it or leave it 🙂

Friday morning surf report in a minute…I had to drop this video of Teahupoo  (cho-pooh), from The Billabong Pro in Tahiti.  It is absolutely incredible taken from a helicopter.

Friday morning, On the high side, with the models for Satellite Beach at daybreak,  10.5 feet at 13 seconds, in Satellite Beach we could see 15 foot plus faces.  The winds are still looking 25 to 30 mph NW until noon and then WNW.  There will be gusts over 35 mph, but that’s still less than TD Hanna in “09”.  But by then the size has dropped 4 feet in face size.

Friday morning, Our models show 6 feet at 15 seconds climbing to 8 feet at 11 seconds at 9 AM At the Cape and Cocoa Beach,  the Cape should see 10 to 12 foot faces with a rogue set every now and then, glassy, lots of spray with 25 to 30 mph NW winds, and gusts a little higher.  The lefts should be incredible. High tide is 5:45, which is the best condition we could ask for, high going low.  The size will probably kick up from daybreak to 9 AM a couple feet, and then start dropping fast by noon,  but not to fast 🙂  By noon, we’ll probably have 8 to 10 foot faces and then lose a foot every couple hours.

The rain should be pretty significant in the morning so be ready for that, and also, for you old guy surfers, 2 guys, both 49 years old, very competent surfers drowned in the surf during Hurricane Florence in Sept of 2006.  In fact the waves that day were 6 to 10 foot overhead, and this barrell taken shows that at Satellite Beach were this photo, this one taken just before one of the guys Rob drowned.  He was a 15 or 16 year old surfers father.

Watch the  Sea Lice stings “sea lice” which are actually the larvae of Thimble jellyfish.  And also watch the big big Moon Jellyfish.  I walked the beach at 8 this morning, and I saw one that was about a foot in diameter.  I believe they are “Moon Jellyfish”  They are clear, round, and inch or more thick, with 4 purple membranes if you will in the center.  I will try to update later today with a photo of these large Moon Jellyfish.

South of Minuteman, with those winds, should produce slight offshore to sideshore winds.

North of Minuteman, we take a size hit but have the glass.

Saturday, shoulder to head high , 20 mph west winds and epic, anywhere.

Sunday, probably some leftovers but who cares 🙂

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