Sunday night 7:30 PM Surf Report, Big Huge/ENE Swell here, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Sunday October 09, 2011)

Johnson Ave, Hurricane Ophelia day, Sunday October 2 2011, photo by oldwaverider
Johnson Ave, Hurricane Ophelia day, Sunday October 2 2011, photo by oldwaverider



9:30 PM Sunday night update from the 7:30 report. It has hit 22 to 23 feet at the 120 mile buoy at 11 seconds from like 6 to 8:30 PM, and for the last 7 hours (from 12 to 7 PM) it has hit 21 feet at the 20 mile buoy.  So when the 120 rolls in about 4 Am to the 20 mile buoy, that buoy could hit 24 feet which might mean 15 foot plus wave faces sizes in Satellite.  This is rising way above the models, but ya never know if it really means anything or not. We will let ya know in the morning.  Back to the 7:30 PM report just below here:

 Monday morning surf report 🙂    The winds are being really flaky, but……..

Size in Satellite Beach, should be 10 to 12 foot faces plus at daybreak until probably 11 or noon, and then start dropping off slowly.   Winds,  South from 7 AM until 1 or 2 PM in the 15 to 2o mph range.  The Cape should be head high to 2 or 3 feet overhead on the bigger sets.  Winds are also South after 7 AM at the Cape which is onshore winds, so North is not a good call.

The winds are supposed to slow down 30 plus mph ENE at 8 PM tonight to 17 or 18 mph SSE around 4 AM.  They switch to South by 7 AM.   If it does clean up enough, it will take 3 or 4 hours.    Playalinda or Melbourne Beach to Sebastian are the places to be because the winds would be 22 to 32 degrees offshore at those surf breaks.

Hightower Beach, South winds are around 10 degrees offshore and at 15 mph plus at 10 or 11 AM, it won’t be glassy, but it could have some fairly clean huge shoulders.  (huge for Florida 🙂

High tide is around 7 AM so 10 Am paddle out time, is a good time, for tide and wind to mellow out the chop.

If we receive a gift, maybe it will turn a little SSW for a couple hours, don’t count on it, just hope for it.

North or Patrick AFB (technically N of Minuteman Cswy)  will be chop city since South winds are onshore up North.

That’s the update.

Hope you have a great safe big sesh.


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