Tuesday night Surf Report update 8:15 PM January 17 2012, How the Waves were today at the Cape, Surfing Photos from a similar swell, Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (posted January 17, 2012)

A small 2.5 to 3 foot winds swell at 7 seconds, at Hightowers/RC's.  Image 1 of 4 in sequence.  Photos by Oldwaverider
A small 2.5 to 3 foot winds swell at 7 seconds, at Hightowers/RC's. Image 1 of 4 in sequence. Photos by Oldwaverider

10:30 PM Tuesday night update from 8:15 PM Report.  The 120 is shrinking out there, to 3.9 ft at 6 seconds.  I’m giving 11-12 AM waves in the morning about a 30 percent chance, as far as the size stated below.   If it starts something after 3 or 4 Am and keeps rolling in, then we may be good, but I’m not optimistic.  Read on below on my 8:15 PM report just so we’re on the same page, in case it does kick in some waves.  Here endeth the 10:30 PM update.

There is a slideshow of these images below, but these you can at least click and see them closeup/higher rez if you want.

I skipped the pre-noon glass cause the size or pseudo-power wasn’t in yet, for the Cape.  I had a fun 1 or 2 hour sesh on Johnson, with some fun semi-clean knee to thigh high sets with maybe a waist high coming thru.  Lefts seemed to be working best.   At least I didn’t have to do a wetsuit since the water was still 65° and the air temp 70 ish.

Image 2 of 4 sequence.
Image 2 of 4 sequence.

I was fortunate enough to be surfing with Leo, a guy visiting from Holland.   He said they have to wait quite a while for waves, and said the water temp over there right now is 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.   The guy had a style I could only hope to achieve, especially when he told me he hadn’t been out for 5 months, due to getting over an injury.

Image 3 of 4
Image 3 of 4

(But he’s still under 35 or 40 so he’s still yougn 🙂     Couldn’t pass that one up Leo, if you’re reading this.   It was a great time, even if the waves were small.

Wednesday Surf;  Right now (8:00 PM) the 120 buoy is telling me lousy waves for the morning, because the swell period out there is 6 seconds which provides no swell or power.  But……….I suspect/believe after midnight, we may have an 8 or 9 second period start to push out there bringing us a 7 second period 2 to 3 foot swell by 9 Am ish.   I believe that a paddle out at 11 AM could be fun down South and maybe at the Cape.   The pier will fall in the middle.    The winds will be 7 to 10 mph westerly mostly at 11 or 12 and picking up thru the day, and low tide is at 9:20 AM so a paddle out at 11:30 will have more water,  the full 7 or 8 second period strength of the overnight push.  The swell will have it’s last push out of the East instead of the NE like it was coming in today.  So that should help for the Cape and the Pier and the Streets, the way they get blocked out by NE, and make the best impact of swell from 2nd light to RC’s.

Image 4 of 4 of a nice long cruiser left in Satellite Beach.
Image 4 of 4 of a nice long cruiser left in Satellite Beach.












This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photos here are from a similar 2 to 3 foot 7 second period type of swell.  Mostly longboard stuff , down South, but probably some short board fun.

I’ll skip Thursday or Friday for now.

Have fun, it’s hump day, Wednesday!


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