We had some 1 to 2 foot semi-clean shorebreakers, and of course, Sunny was out working his typical 50 to 100 waves session 🙂

I compiled a short video here, (my first surf video, so go easy),  and I put some light Jazz in that was available without having the music companies knockin on the door.

Beautiful summer day at the Cape, fun little waves, a big boat, lots of folks on the beach, a few babes/ladies out, and me having fun watching Sunny.

Hope you enjoy!  We plan to dive into Videos a lot more and things should also progress with the footage and editing.

Surf Report,  small rideable waves at the right tides is all for now.  We may have a few small swells this week, but they are too hard to track at this size.


  1. Dean Erskine says:

    Nice video………… the music was perfect. For the second time today, I’m saying that I miss the East coast.

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