Final Space Shuttle Launch Video w/ some surfing, Scooter, Chad, plus the 747 Piggyback ride to Smithsonian :), Saturday morning and also evening July 14th surf report update, 9:00 AM , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (July 14, 2012 posted)

FINAL SPACE SHUTTLE LAUNCH VIDEO AND THE 747 PIGGYBACK RIDE WITH SHUTTLE TO THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE plus a little Surfing in it on the same launch day with Scooter and some still shots of Chad on our epic day in April or May of this year (2012, for future readers 🙂

SATURDAY NIGHT 10:30 PM SURF UPDATE FOR SUNDAY MORNING!  The winds are supposed to lay down to around 5 mph East in the Am, instead of the 10 to 15 mph that I thought would be here, and the winds may stay light until after lunch. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, this looks like a ground swell, so we could have some lines with nice form and rib high waves at the Cape and chest to shoulder high maybe down South with very nice form.

The music is by the Phenomenal “Jack Johnson” , Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Surfer, Videographer, need I say more about Jack?  🙂  The track is titled “Traffic In The Sky”, and the Insane photo is by the great Photographer Malia Johnson and her husband Stu Johnson, Photographer, they both live in Fiji  and shoot the epic “Cloudbreak” and “Restaurants” surfbreaks in Tavuara, Fiji. I have them mentioned in my Links page on this site.

Coming Surf!  For 2 days running, it still appears that Monday is the potential Epic Day with chest high waves down South and maybe bigger sets, and waist high plus at the Cape (from a ground swell), with offshore winds maybe all morning. Today the swell starts rolling in slowly, peaks on Sunday with median onshore winds maybe chest high at the Cape, so Sunday at the right tides (high going low), it could be really fun!  Tuesday may also have some morning offshore winds with the size dropping off some.

When I look at the buoys tonight, I will probably do an update for Sunday and talk about the wind speeds a little more accurately.

Have a Great Weekend and Enjoy Summer Waves!  Three summers in a row we have had waves (not including Canes), so our God has been gracious 🙂


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