February 10 update, plus Hurricane Sandy from big Sunday in Satellite Beach and Pure Ocean TV 2012 Photo review of Awesome Nature, Surf Report Update for Friday February 08 2013, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (February 08, 2013 posted)

Monday morning, South winds, and chest high and semi-glassy down south.  The Cape, with South winds, will be sideshore and half the size.  Tuesday, will be waist high down south and glassy, and thigh high maybe at the Cape and semi glassy . 

Everything below, re surf report was done Friday night, the above was a Sunday night 10:30 PM update.

Wind swell with a little size coming in Saturday night.  Today we had some knee to maybe thigh glass down south.  Sunday, it will be low period 6 or 7 second, meaning no long line, strong onshores, but it will be something to drop in on. Could see some waist to rib  high at the Cape and shoulder high down south. Monday , more of the same, and Tuesday, a chance of morning glass, if you go down south.  Water temp is 69, so it’s skinnable, if you have scales 🙂

Hurricane Sandy was rolling in 10 to 14 foot plus face sets Sunday morning, in Satellite Beach.  I shot this footage (apologies, but this was the first long distance footage, I have shot, and shooting into mostly the sun 😦  )   Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it! Oldwaverider

Pure Ocean TV, who provided a couple of videos I’ve posted here, one, the awesome 10 to 14 foot face waves video of “Frankenstorm”, Hurricane Sandy;  well they provided this awesome still image video clip of photos that they took over 2012.

It is some really nice, really nice nature shots, and some great music to go along with it.  If you like it, make sure and like it.  They do awesome work!

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