Monday night March 4 update 8:30 PM , Ride of the Year entry for John John Florence for Billabong XXL at Cloudbreak and Jamie O Brien paddle in at Jaws in January , Shawn Dollar at Cortes Bank, Massive NE’str with big waves still rolls in Thursday March 7th and goes thru Tuesday March 12th at least, Surf Report Update , Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 04, 2013 posted)


The 2013 Billabong XXL contest is on, and John John Florence has an entry for the Ride of the Year Entry, on massive wave at Cloudbreak, Fiji from June of 2012.

Jamie O Brien, Ride of the Year entry, Billabong XXL 2013, Paddle in at Jaws

Shawn Dollar from Santa Cruz, Ride of the Year entry for the 2013 Billabong XXL Awards, should definitely be the winner.  Cortes Bank, looks not only the biggest wave, but his recovery 3 or 4 times on choppy 60 foot face wave, and the water is probably the coldest anywhere, being 100 miles off the coast of California, ouch!

Thursday, March 7th, may not even come in at the Cape or Satellite Beach, the swell is a 4 or 5 foot swell but straight North, at 7 seconds.  One strange thing may happen.  The small swell leaving and the new front coming in, Thursday morning could have some off shore winds with some waist high or better size, so keep your thoughts on a dawn patrol check.  Only a freak chance of size and good wind, but worth checking 🙂

Friday, by nightime, the swell hits a long period 13 seconds in the 3 foot range, NE winds, maybe something in Satellite Beach with chest high plus drops.

Saturday, the size jumps from 3.5 feet to 6 feet at 13 seconds, so Palm Beach , Reef Road should be cranking, and we believe the swell will hit Satellite Beach pretty well by this time at night, overhead chop, but late in the day.

Sunday, we finally get something from 50 degree angle, which means a lot more than an 18 degree swell, so Sunday, looks to be 6 to 7 feet at 13 seconds, so wave faces should hit the 8 foot plus range, still choppy

Monday thru Wednesday of the next week, will probably have big waves, but to far out to tell.

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