Update Thursday night March 7th at 11:30 PM, Surf Video of the Pier from Feb. 27th, Friday morning March 8th, could have some glassy waves as the new swell rolls in…Surf Report Update…Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 07, 2013 posted)

Okay, at 3:30 PM today (Thursday), the 120 buoy had dropped to 10 feet from the swell we just had, (but stayed way offshore and never came in), and at 8 PM tonight, it has climbed to 13 feet at 13 seconds.  This is the large 4000 mile across storm, with a very large fetch….more below the video

Three surfers at the Cocoa Beach Pier, tearing up some perfect thigh to waist high Pier Perfection from Wednesday , February 27.  A couple of longboarders and a shortboarder.

Friday, I believe we will have some thigh high waves at the Pier and glassy, and rib high down south in the morning. and by late afternoon (3 or 4 PM), it will be head high in Satellite Beach, maybe bigger, but it just depends how this steep North angle slows down the swell from hitting the actual beaches.  (The winds do not go NE over night, which could keep the swell from coming in but I feel , Satellite Beach, it should hit, the Cape, may take till Saturday to come in) The winds should be NW to NNW at daybreak, in the 5 to 8 mph range until Noon.  Then the winds go North and a little NE. and back to North after a few hours.  HIGH TIDE AT 5:45 AM, WHICH IS PERFECT!  PADDLE OUT AT MID TIDE, HIGH GOING LOW WHICH IS BEST AT 9 AM, AND THE AIR TEMP WILL BE UP TO 57 -60 degrees.

Saturday, chest high at the Cape, and 1 to 3 foot overhead chop down South in Satellite Beach. Winds, NE in the 15 to mph range.

Sunday, the swell hits 9 feet at 15 seconds, so by then we should have overhead waves at the Cape, and 7 to 10 foot faces, in Satellite Beach.  The winds may be direct East Sunday, and again in the 15 to 20 mph range.

Monday, big, and onshore.

Tuesday, may go slight offshore winds for Satellite Beach, but onshore for the Cape.  But, if the storm slows down or speeds up, this may change.

Wednesday, for now, looks to be the head high and glassy day.  We will let you know later.

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