Surf Thursday AM was Excellente! , this is Thursday morning (April 25) 11:30 AM Surf Update from Thursday Am surf, Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (April 25, 2013 posted)

EXCELLENT SURF IN SATELLITE BEACH TODAY  🙂 held consistent, as it is usually on for me, if I do a Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral check so I can see the trend from South to North. It must be a high pressure causing the friendly wind conditions this week, for a lot of Wind Swell with size rolling in, I haven’t looked.  More about today, and later in the week below…

This is part six of a Video series, featuring mainly Kohl Christensen.  The one I posted 3 or 4 posts back, was the 40 foot plus faces in Mullaghmore Head, Ireland in 40 ° water , Ouch!, that Danilo Couto and a few others did a great tow-in session, and a few nominations for the Ride of The Year Entry for Billabong XXL 2013.  The video below, is some epic Mexican Pipeline Escondido, with Kohl, Greg Long and some massive 30 to 40 foot plus face waves and all paddle in, NO TOW!  Escondido, is one of the least User-Friendly beach breaks for big waves, but , they all managed to make the session look totally worthwhile and surviveable 🙂

Today, Thursday morning, It was solid rib to chest high, glassy, lefts were quite hollow, though when I paddled out today around 7:40 AM, it was 45 minutes before high tide, so it was a little tough to grab a wave, but when 30 minutes passed, that’s when the left’s did their thing, and the rights had just perfect , long workable walls.  Many 100 plus yard rides to be had.  That’s what always put’s a smile on my face.  Of course , only 3 other people out, well that also keeps one in high spirits.  One after another, even a little cover from a couple vertical left, rail grabber drop-ins 🙂

We should have waves all week, in the rib to head high range, the bigger stuff coming closer to tuesday.  Offshore winds, well can’t tell yet, but when we see the “Window”, we will pass it on to ya.

Have a great Thursday, and I hope you enjoy the Video 🙂


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