Surf Big and Glassy Tuesday AM? Yes, 75% chance , we do believe so :) , plus Surf Video from Patrick AFB, and this is Monday night (April 29) 6:15 PM Surf Update for Tuesday Am surf, Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (April 29, 2013 posted)

TUESDAY MORNING SURF, IS LOOKING AWESOME!  BUT………….The winds have been a little finicky, but as it stands, the Cape is looking to be Chest high and semi-glass in the morning, maybe glass, and in Satellite Beach, look for Shoulder to Head high, with some 1 foot overhead sets.  The actual 14 second period swell rolls in tonight. (yeah we had a 30 hour tease with the first one), more below:  THE VIDEO BELOW, COULD BE COMPARABLE TO WHAT WE HAVE Tuesday AM , but for that good, I will give it only a 50% chance 🙂

It looks to be SSW winds at daybreak in the 8 to 10 mph range, so in Satellite Beach, that is offshore, but for the Cape, that can be sideshore and/or slight offshore, but at 8 to 10 mph, it won’t be mirror glass, but still fun!  GET OUT EARLY, WHY?  IT LOOKS LIKE THE WINDS WILL BE OFFSHORE UNTIL MAYBE 10:00 AM, so don’t plan on trying to catch mid-tide at 9 am.

Wednesday, could be offshore for 2 to 4 hours also, same size, or a head smallerThe winds look to be more West on Wednesday, so it could be mirror glass for everyone, North and South.

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