Friday, February 21, at 1 PM, is the best time to head out for surf. Chest high plus ground swell is coming in today! Posted February 02 2014 at 12:20 PM

High tide is at 11 on Friday +or-,  and the swell will be fully in, but the reason for the call on time, is its 2 hours after high tide which is good for form, and the wind should turn south by noon or a little after from onshore wind.  South is offshore, from 4th Street south and further.  Best for 2nd light and Satellite beach.  And if you want closer to perfection, Spanish house, South winds are 26 degree offshore , instead of just 10 degree offshore as in Satellite Beach.  Size should be chest high with maybe some bigger sets 🙂

Won’t be this glassy, but it should be this size at the pier or better, and definitely bigger down south.  This short board (2nd half of video),  was shot on February 27, 2013:

Video by Walk On Water Productions…

Have fun!

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