Fort Pierce may be the only place this swell hit, and further South. 5:15 AM Sunday morning posted October 05 2014

The 20 mile buoy is showing 4 feet at 5 seconds, last 11 second reading was last night at 10 PM  The rest of the readings are 5 or 6 seconds.  The 120 buoy is showing over 3 feet at 13 seconds and though it has dropped from 5 feet which was expected it has shown solid swell, and Fort Pierce buoy is 3 feet at 13 seconds.  That tells me maybe no waves at the Pier, and maybe not even in Satellite Beach because the angle of the swell barely hit Fort Pierce.  The Fernandina Beach buoy also hit 3 feet at 12 or 13 seconds last night at 10:30 PM, but is also only showing a 4 to 6 second period swell after that time.  We shall see.


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