HAPPY NEW YEAR! I will be posting a video soon of the December 11th day, which was after the huge day of the 7 day Big Noreaster Swell!


Those of you kind enough to be in front of the Camera, surfing great or surfing marginal like me,  I hope to have some footage of you from December 11, 2014 when we had some 5 to 8 foot faces.  I will post a couple shaky clips of 10 to 12 foot faces from the day before.

Sorry I couldn’t shoot any footage from the nice Sunday , 12/28 5-7 foot face swell we had.  But maybe some of you are in the December 11th Noreaster Day.

Maybe I’ll make it a 5 or 6 minute video and have a bunch of short clips of attempts, instead of just the longer rides or specially talented folks.

I’ll work on it between now and the weekend, and post it as a last 2014 video.

Thanks all of you for being friends out in the water.  Hightowers has a special place in my heart, LOL

Happy New Year!






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