Thursday or Friday should provide something awesome! Posted Tuesday, morning, 10:48 AM 11/17/2015

Friday morning update.  First, we did have sneak offshore winds in Satellite Beach from like 8 to 10 am yesterday, with 1 to 2 foot over head waves, so whoever was there probably caught some great fun.  But it was not offshore at daybreak.

Today, Friday morning, 5:21 AM as I share this, we should have 8-10 mph N winds that may still have a NNW spin at daybreak, so only in CCB are the winds slightly offshore.  NNW to N winds are sideshore to onshore in South CCB and Satellite Beach.  But it should be rib to I hope chest high at the Pier.  Sunday morning, the 9-11 second period part of the swell roles in with offshore winds, so early Sunday morning should be waist high plus at pier, and chest high in Satellite Beach!

We will wait to update tomorrow.  The last swell update from the models, shows Friday back into slight onshores in the AM.  We’ll just keep watching it, as Wednesday night or Thursday morning should give us a clear picture 🙂  (updated around 4:36 PM Tuesday)

I will update later today, but Thursday was looking like the offshore day, and now the swell has varied, to show Friday morning, instead of Thursday afternoon, to be the offshore and epic day!

As it stands, Friday looks to be another nice size windswell in the chest to shoulder high range, and fortunately, the tide works for us with this swell, unlike “Kate” last week 🙂

More late, plus some shameless self photos from “Ida” 🙂


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