Tuesday morning (9/28/10)

Screenshot taken Tuesday morning for Thursday morning moving swell chart. (9/30/10)
Screenshot taken Tuesday morning for Thursday morning moving swell chart. (9/30/10)

This is the 3rd day now, that the models are showing a 5 ft. at 9 or 10 second period swell with offshore winds for Thursday morning. Probably waist to maybe chest high in Canaveral,  and shoulder high to overhead down south in Satellite Beach at my favorite breaks.  But if it’s chest high here, I’ll be at the end of the street, yeah!

The Bahamas at the Abaco break of Elbow Cay (Indicas and Rush Reef, point break 😉  I bet will have 8 to 10 foot waves breaking at the beach. Ouch!

See the moving swell chart model screenshot for what Thursday morning 9/30/10 looks like.   If you want to see the animation that shows you the progression of the incoming swell, check it out on the link below (Don’t forget to use the browser back button if ya wanna come back here for more ) : http://magicseaweed.com/Florida-MSW-Surf-Charts/20/   

 Right now weather channel plugin on my Internet browser (used Internet Explorer, yeah I actually can’t stand Firefox except when testing new sites I am creating and developing), the plugin shows that the winds for Thursday morning are now down to 5 – 6 mph out of the NW, but remember that’s from daybreak till maybe 10 am-ish, then NNW to onshore, NW which is great for us at the Cape, and actually everywhere: http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/USFL0089?begHour=20&begDay=272

   Note: We know how nature works,  this swell can speed up, slow down, or worse dwindle down.  But I’m going with better than 60% chance that we’ll have some nice glassy waves Thursday morning. 
We’ll try to give an update tonight to see how the models are being user friendly 🙂

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