Confusing swell coming (10/3/10)

It looks like we have a windswell coming (not a groundswell),  from the east/southeast.  We were getting a Nor’easter, but the moving swell chart   says otherwise now.

The 120 mile buoy climbed from 4.5 feet at 8 seconds to 6.5 feet at 9 seconds from 5 am to 6 pm today (temporarily close to a ground swell but not quite).   So Monday looks like we should have some thigh to maybe waist high waves with 20 mph plus winds from the NNE,  which would seem to indicate a Nor’easter huh?   Tuesday should be building and show more size by the late afternoon.  Wednesday morning looks to be some head high waves with the same on winds and Thursday the same or maybe dropping a small amount on the wave size.

The distance and weather system over the body of water creating this swell is to inconsistent to create a fetch for a groundswell.   The period may increase for a few 4 to 6  hour time intervals up to 10 or more seconds, but not over a wide enough body of water to create a ground swell with long lines and wind that can come around offshore. (except maybe at the near end of the swell, we could get some offshores with the size smaller of course)

For a few definitions of swell terms, you can look here:

Hey, at least there will be some waves, and as Ross at likes to say,  if you plan on the worst conditions, for high wind and chop, then you won’t be dissappointed.


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