Friday afternoon (10/29/10)

From the website
From the website

Swell coming in and looks best for Sunday AM.   Saturday should be strong NNE winds bringing in some low period chop, but by late Saturday night, Sunday early morning the winds start backing off.   Saturday will be great just to watch the Cocoa Beach air show with the Thunderbirds,  hopefully a Raptor will show for more than just one fly-by ;), and some nice beach day with high winds.

On Sunday, it looks like it will be waist to chest high for the j-ave break, and up to head high down south around the base and some of the rock reef breaks.  The winds turn to ESE after midnight Saturday possibly around 4 mph, and drop down to a 3 to 7 mph range in the AM, possibly even offshore for an hour at daybreak (SSW offshore), and back to ESE.   Looks like there could be some fun lines coming in,  the size should drop off throughout Sunday, but should still have some leftovers Monday.  Low tide is around 8:45 AM Sunday morning so that should work.

Wish I could be out there, but have a great sesh!


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