Saturday morning (10/30/10)

England, Cayton Bay on October 22, 2010 from
England, Cayton Bay on October 22, 2010 from

Don’t goof around by getting out late Sunday morning 🙂    If you wait till 8 or 9 am to paddle out you’ll probably miss half the session.  You can get a 2 hour session in and still make church, hah, look at that!

The swell looks to be mostly out of the east now, a really erratic – on crack looking swell.   But, it looks like it will definitely be throwing a day and maybe a half  of ground swell at us, and…… it looks like it could be offshore winds for a 3 hour window Sunday morning from daybreak till 9 or 10 Am, maybe.

Size,  waist-high around j-ave with some bigger sets.  Chest to head high down by Patrick.   Winds switch from 5 mph SSE before daybreak to NW at 2-3 mph at 9 am and back to NNE by 10 or 11 Am.  (According to weather channel).    The good thing is, those wind directions seem to hold true from Satellite Beach down to the Pier.

Don’t get out late at 9 Am or you may miss the show!  Bring a rash guard cause it may be a little cool, and for those of you with low body fat and young,  maybe bring a vest since it should be around 64 degrees in the morning, though the water temp is warm, at around 78 at the 1 mile buoy.

Should be some leftovers Monday, but the swell will be dropping fast in size throughout Sunday.

Have fun, wish I could be out there 😉


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